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More Projects

- LAXT Ship Loading Facilities
Design and installation of two (2) main substations 4160/480V power distribution systems with two (2) main substations, 4160/480V, motor control centers. Analyzed and designed power distribution short circuit and protective coordination and lightning protection scheme.

-Amgen Inc. Biotechnology Mfg. Ctr.
Designed standby 200 kW generator installation and interconnection with utility power system for plant facility critical loads. The project required an automatic power transfer switch with proper relaying and coordination with the main power system.

- Las Vegas Cement loading Facilities
- Utah Fuel Company
- Mountain Coal
- Peabody (Carter Mining)
- National Steel - Minnesota
- Kennecott Energy (Spring Creek Coal Mine)
- Jacob Ranch Coal
- Mid-American Energy Power Plant

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 - Industrial Automation
 - Pharmaceutical
 - Water and Wastewater    Treatment
 - Mining
 - Cement & Aggregates
 - Energy Resource Production
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 - Alcoa 12 Mile Long Conveyor    System
 - Ispat Imexsa Material    Handling System
 - Lagoven Coke Handling
 - Metro Wastewater    Reclamation District
 - More Projects

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