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Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

The power system safety and reliability improvement study encompassed three major 13.2kV substations. Each substation was equipped with a series of redundant 15kV switchgear, feeding the entire plant secondary substations. The incoming power was from a different utility source with varying short circuit capacities. The design of the plant primary power distribution system was based on a high degree of redundancy and back-up capability. The plant generated in excess of 2000KW using waste gas co-generators. The scope of work extended beyond the study phase and included the design phase for the recommended improvements, the bidding services and the construction coordination phase. The study utilized EDSA'S power distribution system analysis computer software. This software provides extreme flexibility and a vast amount of calculation options and features.

A second project encompassed the implementation of the recommendations from the power system reliability study performed by Hemmat Engineering. The work included replacing motor control center in the South Secondary Building, including process signals and PLC I/O'S. Also, we installed current limiting reactors ahead of power centers in the Sludge Processing, the West Blower Building and South Secondary Building, as well as the installation of a new power transformer and 480-volt switchgear in the Chlorine Building.

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